Thursday, 16 June 2011

The best F1 Grand Prix race I've ever watched...Canada, Sunday 12th June 2011

I watched the Canadian Grand Prix last Sunday, normally I don't watch the grand prix, but it was Sunday afternoon/evening and there was bugger all else to watch on the telly.

When I lived at home my dad would insist on watching the F1 racing, he'd watch for about 25-30 laps and then fall asleep on the sofa, if you woke him up he'd say he wasn't asleep.  He was a little bugger like that :)

This Sunday's race seemed to have it all, trying weather, a safety car start, wet tyres, intermediate tyres, a few bumps, crashes, more rain, the safety car again, more tyre changes, a stopped race, a 2hr pause, a few snippets of 'Rhiana' carrying an umberella ella ella, a photographer falling over, tarpaulin tents covering race cars like the ones they put over racehorses before shooting them, sweeping up of water, hoovering up of water, a restarted race, a safety car with doors like the car in Back to the Future, a few bumps, scrapes, broken noses, flat tyres, scattered debris on the track, a crazy steward who fell over twice to try and pick up the pieces, who then nearly got ran over, some more safety car nonsense, a 21st place driver who overtakes everyone and then on the final lap, he wins.  

If it happened like that every week I think I'd watch more often.  This weekend was just lucky.

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