Thursday, 9 June 2011

Things I've found on the web....

Okay I haven't just stumbled upon these, I've been told they existed, I had a look, had a laugh and decided that I'd like to share them with the folk who read my blog (or endure it).

The first one is called, Nick Clegg Looking Sad, and it's just random photos people have found of Nick Clegg looking sad, the captions are also quite amusing too:
Nick Clegg Looking Sad or if you want the full link to share with friends, family, and animals:

The next one is of a similar theme, it's Kim Jong-il looking at things,same idea, but Kim Jong-il in the pics instead of Nick Clegg. It's Kim Jong-il Looking at things or for FF&A

Finally if you want some dummy text, you could use the 'standard' lorem ipsum latin stuff, which is available here: if you want to use something similar and like bacon sandwiches, you could use this instead: It'll generate something similar to what I've pasted below,

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