Thursday, 23 June 2011

Cakebook 2011 - This weekend (Sun 26th June)

It's the build up to Cakebook 2011 (geddit, build-up)....Here's the crack on Bamburgh Castle progress so far...

Mr Lisa has drawn up the castle view, and scaled up into actual sizes (it's not going to be big (tall) but big (spread over a wide space).
Google images of Bamburgh Castle
Mr Lisa doing the 'blueprint'
    I've bought and coloured 2kg of white icing, colouring from white into organgey-red. And I broke a nail in the process (I was wearing plastic gloves, so there were no nails left floating around in the icing). 

    I now have bakers arms from all that kneading!

    I had baked 8 cakes (using the recipe I used last year:  I then baked another 4 last night, as I realised that I probably needed a few more.  My cakeboard (a piece of laminate floor underlay) and is now covered in foil.

    Next Steps
    I have a 'plan' for Friday night (cut the cake outline out), Saturday will be the main build day, complete with serious amounts of flapping, worrying, swearing and cake nibbling), with possibly a last-minute panick drive to the cake decorating shop at Tynemouth.

    Sunday will be last minute tweaking, worrying, and wondering "how the hell am I going to get this in the car, and get it to Gibside without it breaking?"
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