Tuesday, 17 September 2013

I think I'm turning into my mother

I went to my mum and dad's house at the weekend and I was just catching up with my mum about what I'd been up to: work, cakes, allotment and home stuff.

I told her I'd been having a sort out of one of my kitchen cupboards, the one that I keep my tupperware in.  I'd got to the point where I'd just chuck things in and hope it didn't fall back out on me.  I would often tidy it up, organising the smaller containers into a bigger one, but more often than not I'd actually need the bigger container before the small ones and so all the others would get scattered on the shelf and fall out whenever the door was opened.

My tupperware, labelled with letters
I told her about an ingenious idea I'd had for organising the plastic containers I got from the chinese takeaway (I reuse these for freezing chicken stock, leftovers, surplus veg etc). I can never find the right lid for the bottom.  So I sorted them out matching the bottom with the lid and then I labelled them, taking the first contained labelling the top A and the bottom A, the next one was labelled B (for the lid) and B for the bottom, can you see where I'm going.

So now, whenever I need a container I find lid A and bottom A and I know that they're a pair.
How ingenious is that?

Mum's tupperware, labelled with numbers
My mum was impressed.  She told me she'd recently had a sort out of her tupperware.  And she'd come up with an ingenious idea too, labelling her tupperware with NUMBERS bottom number 1 needs lid number 1!!

How strange is that?????

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