Monday, 30 September 2013

My new shoes: shiny red wedges (Clarks)

I spent a long weekend with my friend Kate who lives in the Cotswolds, just outside Cirencester. We did all sorts, spa, pedicure, pilates, shopping, walking, eating, drinking and catching up. The weather was spot on too (this time last year we went to Padstow).

My new shiny shoes
Anyhow, on our shopping trip to Cheltenham I picked up these shiny wedges from Clarks shoeshop, I've already got the shiny black pair and they're my staple workwear shoe. Comfy, smart, in a size 8 that fits (don't get me started on shoe size variations) and with a cheery shine that made me smile. So when I saw these "wine" coloured ones I said to Kate, "in 'avin them" and so I did.

They feel as comfy as the black ones.

When I got them home and showed Mr Lisa I started tapping the heels together "No!" He called out "You never know where you'll end up" so I stopped.

I did try again at the metro station this evening. The platform was very busy, like there'd been a delay. Then a heavily pregnant woman came and stood right next to me on the platform and rubbed her belly. I felt my eyes fill up and sting with tears. I forced myself to stay where I was, I have to get through this - crying around pregnant women. But I couldn't cope any longer, I'd have to move sooner or later so thought I'd "use the shoes"

So I wiped my eyes, stood tall, gripped my bags tightly and I tapped my heels three times repeating the immortal words..."there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home, there's no place like home..."

Of course they didn't work - fucking useless they were. The metro turned up instead so I got on and went home.

They were £49.99 and come in shiny black, matt black and shiny wine, buy yours here:

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