Thursday, 12 September 2013

Last night I dreamt about my dad, Gateshead & the man off the Crystal Maze

Last night I dreamt about my dad, he'd been asked to go away with work for a few days (note: this has NEVER EVER happened, nor will it) and he refused to go. He told the office that he'd sent back the paperwork, but in reality he chucked it in the bin saying it was a waste of bloody time. He knew that by the time the office chased up the paperwork and sent more out he'd miss the deadline. Me and mum were tempted to get it out of the bin, but we knew he'd still refuse to go.

I dreamt there was a secret underground cinema in Gateshead, discovered during some excavating work. You could go on visits to have a look around, like the Victoria Tunnels in Newcastle.

I also dreamt that Edward Tudor-Pole (the man who took over from Richard O'Brian in The Crystal Maze) was the new Doctor Who.

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