Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Last night I dreamt Gary threw Sal....

Had a dream that Gary (some bloke) came round to some 'get together' in the upstairs room at The 3 Horseshoes.

Gary was angry when he arrived, Gary & Sal (another bloke) seemed to be 'having words' but Gary was having none of it, & it was clear that something else was kicking off.

Gary then literally picked up Sal & threw him backwards, Sal smashed straight through a floor-ceiling window of frosted glass, and out onto the cobbled street in front.

He fell out of the 1st floor & landed on his back, I screamed & tried to call an ambulance, it took me 3 attempts because I was so shocked.

At 1 point Sal came-to and tried to stand, but I wouldn't let him in case he'd damaged his neck or back.

The ambulance arrived, and I turned over to have another dream.

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