Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Pimp my strawberry

Picked a 66g strawberry yesterday, that's a whopper, compared to my 'regular' strawberries which only weigh about 13g each.

And the secret of my strawberry success?? Bugger all. I've done nothing special to them, just kept them watered and weeded. I've not even put any extra fertilizer on. It must be magic.

The Duck Umberella

It's an umberella with a handle shaped like a duck's head, looks shifty doesn't it? I'll tell you why it looks like that...

See the black eyes - they are cameras, recording everything to the left, and to the right. The beak contains a microphone, and records everything. When it rains, the 'putting up the umberella' action transmits all of the recorded information to HQ, that's not me by the way, no I'm just a small cog in a big wheel.

I don't know who takes these recordings, but all I do know is that the duck umberella is a powerful device.