Monday, 15 October 2012

The new Muse Album - The 2nd Law

Just thought I'd get a few thoughts down about what I think (at the moment) about the new, hotly anticipated (as it always is), Muse album.

Well it's different.
 And at the moment I'm not sure if I can confidently say 'good' different or 'bad' different.

Muse The 2nd Law album cover
I've had it since 1st October and have listened to it a fair few times. But I still can't make up my mind.

There are some good tracks (some deep bassy and have an unavoidable toe-tapping beats, like Survival) and some okay tracks. Nothing blew me away.

There's one song, Panic Room, which makes me think, Queen: Hot Space (which is one of their poorer albums) and I think Chris Young* would understand why I think this. If I'm making this comparison - am I tarring the album with the same brush?

I wanted a truly great album and I got something that I can't fully explain how I feel about it.
The last album, Resistance, had some really banging sounds and their beautiful symphony 3-parter piece at the end was beautiful.

But this new album isn't really doing it for me, there's some Pendulum-esque tracks, a James Bond theme in there, some odd fillers in the middle (what's with the slap guitar sound?, or whatever you call it).

Today I've had to catch a listen of Knights of Cydonia to remind me that they have done some good heavy rocky stuff (that I like). It's been like visiting an old friend.

At the moment it's not quite done it for me, It must be a slow burner' - might need to revisit or reblog when I know how I feel about it.

So here's Knights of Cydonia from YouTueb, to remind me that they've done some really good stuff...

*Chris Young a colleague, and also a massive Queen fan

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