Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Alternate Day Fasting: Falling OFF the bandwagon

I tried it for 3 weeks and decided that it wasn't for me.
That was all I wanted to do 'try it' to see if I could sustain that style of eating.

Why it didn't work for me

  • Week one was 'novelty week' - understanding what 500 calories a day looked like (& tasted like), I was suprised how little there was.
  • Week two felt like a constant search for recipes (using ingredients I would normally buy), sure scallops are low calorie foods, but who can afford to eat scallops twice a week for the rest of your life
  • At the end of week two I was making the most of the normal eating days, and when I mean 'making the most of' I actually mean overeating to compensate
  • I felt like I was constantly thinking about food, I felt down and my morale low
  • Week three I had lost weight, but I wasn't motivated to continue
  •  I decided that porridge for dinner was unacceptable and not sustainable (long term)
I've dieted on and off over the years, and found that when I'm not dieting I'm so much more content because I don't think about food.  When I'm on a diet I'm constantly looking at the list of 'forbidden' foods and that's all I can think of. I become obsessive, depressed and I'm not a happy bunny.

So I've decided, Alternate Day Fasting is not for me.

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