Thursday, 10 January 2013

Get back to Netball

I wore the Centre bib ONLY for the photo
If you asked me in November last year, "when was the last time you played netball?" I would have said, "20yrs ago at secondary school".  Ask me today and I'll say, "last night"

In November I fancied going back to netball, and once you start again (whether it's after 3, 15, 20 years or more, like me) it all comes back. It's like riding your bike really, you never forget.

There's about 10 classes around Newcastle at different sports centres and all called, Back to netball. The groups are aimed at people who've not played for years or never played at all and want some fitness, fun and low commitment you pay as you go, on your 5th visit its free, you don't play in a league against other teams.

The one I go to is held at Gosforth Academy (if there was one nearer the coast I'd go there), 7-8 pm on Wednesday. The evening consists of warm up, short (3min) games which could involve passing/marking/shooting skills and then we have a big game at the end, taking whichever position on any team, and swapping every 7 mins or so, then a cool-down and that's it.

You can have a slurp of your drink as often as you like.  You get a good work out, depending on how much effort you put in, but all in all it's a good laugh.

I used to play Goal Attack (a shooting position) but will happily play any position apart from Centre and I'm quite a vocal player, I'll shout "have a shot" and "good pass" and call for the ball.

The funniest rule in netball is that if you foul a player from the opposite team, you have to stand beside them, whilst they take their free pass (or shot if you fouled in their shooting area) like you've been told off, "stand there and think about what you've done..."

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