Friday, 5 July 2013

Last night I dreamt (5 dreams)

I was at work, working in our old offices and I couldn't find the ladies toilet.  The old toilets were occupied by a man at a computer desk and the next cubicle was only for people who had an Apple Mac.  I was cross because no one had sent an email round to say that the toilets were going to be made into an office.

Dream 2:
I dreamt that Carl was in Amsterdam and was bringing 6stone of hash back into the country, he was going to talk to someone down one of the side streets to get a better deal. Note: I've never done/will never take drugs - so I don't know where this came from

Dream 3:
 I dreamt that instead of a fence separating the gardens between our house and our neighbours there was a hedge, which was flat on top.  The neighbours had a dog that would line up it's squeaky toys on the hedge and then routinely take them all off, but at the end of the day, all of the squeaky toys would be lined up on the hedge.

Dream 4:
I was waiting for a lift from Carl, I was walking along the street and he was going to pick me up along the way.  But instead I got into someone elses car, I don't know who they were and they drove past the point that I wanted dropping off at, so I had to ask them to stop and walk back.

Dream 5:
I was trying to buy tickets to a summer festival, and that was all.

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