Thursday, 1 August 2013

Last night i dreamt about an all-night dance party

Last night i dreamt Mr Lisa and I went to a dance party in a hotel, for some reason I ended up wearing Mr Lisa's trousers. The music was okay and  there were waves of shit music and good music.
Later on at the party I saw my friend Kathryn, she didn't see me as she was too busy headbutting someone that she'd had a disagreement with, only Kath's head could only reach the chin of the person she was butting and it looked quite comical. The person she was headbutting DID come off worse.
I also woke up with the song "Sincere" by MJ Cole in my head, here's the YouTube link if you like,
*i think I dreamt this because Mr Lisa and I were talking about going to see The Chemical Brothers in Manchester in December, i want to go but he doesn't - boo*

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