Monday, 30 December 2013

One of those things that women don't talk about

According to some etiquette thing you can't ask a woman her age or her weight, and if you asked her she'd probably slap you, and certainly wouldn't tell you.
But I'm one to go against the grain (sometimes) and I've decided that it doesn't matter who knows my current weight. It's only a number and it doesn't tell you what size clothes I wear or how fit I am (or aren't).

I had a (stillborn) baby in June and as part of the pregnancy process I put on weight. In July I decided that before I got pregnant again I'd get myself in the best shape ever and decided to start with my weight.

I wanted to get back into normal (non-maternity) clothes, because wearing maternity clothes made me feel depressed, a constant reminder about what had happened and I kept thinking: I wasn't pregnant so shouldn't be wearing maternity clothes.

My first weigh in was: 

16th July and I weighed 86.1kg. I have been heavier (when I was younger) but I couldn't be sure how much I weighed then, I was probably on the cusp of being a size 20.


I used 2 apps on my phone:

Libra - to record weight
My Fitness Pal - to record food consumed

Here's what I did:

  • I weighed myself every weekday (probably a bit too obsessive).
  •  I reduced my portion sizes.
  •  I changed in between meal biscuits/cakes for fruit.
  •  I took up regular exercise (back to netball & spinning)
  •  I drank more water
  • I monitored what I was eating and how much (using My Fitness Pal


My goal weight:

My goal was 78kg (last known pre-pregnancy weight) and I wanted to be there by 7th December.
On  Wednesday 18th December I reached my goal weight. 78kg, I'm a bit late but I'm there.


  • I feel fitter.
  • I am back in all of my normal clothes (some are too big now).
  • I am still a bit wobbly in places and could do with toning up.
  • I'm glad I reached my goal without any crash/faddy dieting (meal replacement, counting sins/syns, points, starving myself, on/off days).
I've let myself enjoy Christmas & New Year and will be back to spining and netball in the New Year (w/c 6th Jan)

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