Tuesday, 25 May 2010

The Bridge Hotel: Planning, ideas, inspiration & books

I'm signed up to NewcastleGateshead EAT! Festival 2010, one of the events is a grand-design....Iconic Newcastle-Gateshead buildings made from cake.

I've bagged The Bridge Hotel, a nice pub located next to the High Level Bridge in Newcastle, overlooking the Tyne.

I'm signed upto the 'ning network' for cake bakers involved in this project (amateurs & professionals alike) and blogging on my progress: research, prototypes, ingredients, etc...

Planning: Did a quick search of google-images of The Bridge Hotel, then used google-street view to get some good pics, which I've printed off and scribbed on. I do plan to get off my lazy backside & walk down there, but for the time being Google maps & street view are helping me with my initial plans and ideas for what ingredients to use where.

Inspiration (& Books):
I've also been inspired by Heston Blumenthal & his feast-series, particularly the Hansel & Gretel House. My mum bought me a copy of Life is Sweet by Hope & Greenwood which has some ideas for creating my tiles and windows.

The left side of the pub is all red-brick, I'm guessing the right is the same and then there's the beer garden bit out the back, which I'm not going to worry about just yet...

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