Friday, 30 September 2011

YDH: Friday 30th September - home (via Northallerton)

Breakfast was served back in the restaurant between the sensible hours of 8-10am :) There was a selection of cereals and juices available and a selection of hot cooked breakfasts from a menu of about 10 things.  Plus tea, coffee and toast.

I went for Eggs Benedict with salmon and Carl went for the Full English.  Mine was lovely, just what I fancied, the hollandaise sauce was plentiful and had the right tang of lemon to finish.  Carl was very pleased with his breakfast, his bacon was thickly cut and "delicious" - we made a mental note to find out where that  was from.

We checked out after breakfast, settled our bill and enquired about that bacon - and they were pleased to share their supplier with us, and the secret about getting it cut just right...But I'm not going to tell you in this blog, you'll have to stay at The Black Swan at Fearby, have their breakfast and ask them yourself!

Masham > Northallerton > Home...
We called in on Masham on our way home, firstly to buy some of that bacon (as eaten at The Black Swan) and some sausages.

We then dropped into Northallerton for a Gloucester Old Spot Pork Pie from Lewis & Cooper, 2 Fat Rascals from Bettys, and finally to my mums to exchange a CD player (which we borrowed) for a floor fan (don't ask).

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