Monday, 4 November 2013

Fashion trends I don't understand: Uggs

Uggs.  In my head, Uggs is a shorter version of the word Ugly.  And I think they're FUggly.
It's the only way I can describe these weird fat boots.

I don't doubt they're comfortable and warm.  But they're so ugly.
They go over the trouser, not under and make your feet look like they've swollen to twice the size they are normally.

Their suede outer isn't very practical either; notoriously difficult to keep clean and as soon as they get wet they seem to take on sponge-like properties, soaking up the water.

They look fairly rigid, but they're not and when they slouch they make you look like you've got swollen ankles, something I'll leave to pregnancy (or old age, thanks very much).

Wikipedia has some very detailed stuff about the origins of Uggs, but to me they're just fugly.
If I want warm winter boots I'll buy warm winter boots, I won't by Uggs.

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