Friday, 8 November 2013

More embroidery - matryoshka

I love matryoshka dolls - I think it's something to do with the symmetry and order of them, a bit like butterflies...

After I made the embroidery sampler, I decided to create something else beautiful from threads - it was either going to be a matryoshka doll or a butterfly, so I created a scrapbook of images in Pinterest and chose from there.
Original by

I found this image of a matryoshka in Pinterest, the original creator is: Alexis (Fifi & Florence) - who also blogged about it) I liked the simplicity of it, and decided to recreate it for myself.

I used an old pillowcase, referred to Mary Corbet's Needle n' videos to remind me of how to do the stitches and I bought a 'washable fabric pen' to trace the pattern onto my fabric, and be able to wash it off afterwards.

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