Saturday, 19 March 2011

Restaurant Review: Silk Room, Bankside, Trinity Gardens, Nr Quayside, Newcastle

Silk Room
Bankside, Trinity Gardens, Nr Quayside, Newcastle
Saturday 19th March 2011, 7pm
This was one place I hadn't heard of, so when I was invited there for a suprise birthday party I was keen.  Pitched as a 'Champagne bar and restaurant' I was intrigued, I'd never been to a champagne bar, let alone a champagne restaurant and wouldn't have normally chosen this kind of place to eat.

It's located along from Cafe 21 and Cafe Vivo, just behind the Law Courts and near Live Theatre, Silk Room is small and unassuming.  Not the grand place I was expecting.  Inside, it was more restaurant than bar, and not what I imagined.  The space felt small, partly because of the free-standing screens used to create different sized spaces and separate diners, and also the tassle-curtains they had hung from the ceiling.  Lighting was low, to create a 'sophisticated' atmosphere, it didn't help when trying to read the drinks menu.  The couple who were seated next to the screen that separated the toilets/kitchens seemed to get shoved everytime someone came from the kitchens.

We were a party of 18 and went for the Group Dinner menu, the staff were very attentive and our pre-ordered food was brought out for each person by name, which was great.  Apparently they 'forgot' the between course palatte cleanser (champagne sorbet) which was a bit of a disappointment, but all in all the food was of a good quality and filling too, I chose pate followed by chicken (a huge breast) stuffed with sundried tomatoes and mustard/cream sauce and champagne sorbet for dessert, and birthday cake.  The bill came to £36 per person, which was pretty reasonable too.

Would I go again? Probably not, it was too dark, too hot and felt too close to the other diners.

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