Saturday, 14 January 2012

How I managed to recover a (published) blog post I deleted by mistake

I deleted 3 published blogposts by mistake.

How? I thought I was deleting the label "beer" but instead I actually deleted the posts (& all the comments & stats). I wanted to replace the label "beer" with "real-ale"

When I discovered that my posts were gone, and hitting the back button didn't make a difference I was pretty worried that they were gone forever. 

After a frantic google search (in a new tab) I found and this lifesaver of article on recovering blogposts:

There are different options depending on how long ago you deleted them, whether you're using the same computer etc.

For me, I couldn't get to them by just clicking the back button, I think it was because I was doing a batch edit, rather than an edit to an individual post.

What I had to do was find a cached copy of the post through google, and locate the PostID (view the source, search the source (control + F) for "blogspot" and locate the PostID, 19-digits long & located towards the bottom of the source).

To reinstate the post, I edited an existing post, and replaced the PostID in the URL bar with the ID from the deleted post, this found the post and allowed me to edit/save/publish the original again.  Success!!

There was a moment when I could only locate 2 of the 3 posts, and after a bit of detective work (on my part) I found the other one.

I'm blogging about it, in case I (stupidly) did it again.

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