Saturday, 7 January 2012

My 1st attempt at a Rainbow Cake

I've seen pictures of a rainbow cake, google it for yourself, or if you're lazy just click here  And I've read the wonderful blog posts from Ms Marmite Lover  and Clandestine Cake Club regular, Cake Poppins

And so I decided to have a go myself.  As with most cakes I bake, I like to have a purpose, other than "just because I fancy a cake" because I feel guilty (greedy?) If I'm just making a cake for the hell of it.

So I decided to make mine for Boxing Day 2011, I was going to do my Christmas visit, see my family: mum, dad, grandma, great aunt, sister, brother-in-law, nephew, niece, brother, sister-in-law, niece and Mr Lisa.

My mum and sister were going to put a buffet together and I promised a "cake" - this meant that I could keep it a secret until the moment of cutting!

Rainbow cake - layered & creamed
I can sing a rainbow...
I had to plan early - I have 4 round tins, 2 which are 17cm and 2 which are 19cm.  I decided I'd use the 17cm round ones, bake (when I had the oven on) and freeze until I needed them and this worked quite well.  I made double quantities, halved the mixture, added the colour, baked, cooled, bagged and froze.

For some layers I used colour paste and for other layers I used bottled liquid colouring.  If I was baking it again I'd use paste colours, they are more intense (which means you use less) and they make the cake less sloppy (for the liquid coloured cakes I added a bit more flour to the mix). I also struggled with my Indigo cake, the one I made was a bit pink.

As you can see, six cakes looks great, no one questioned or complained about there only being 6 layers.

Rainbow cake (in disguise)

When asked, I told people it was a cream layer cake, and the cream filling and outer I used was from the Ms Marmite blog (marscapone, cream cheese, double cream, vanilla and icing sugar)

Rainbow cake - cut 
The reaction:
There were a few "WOWs" and "LOOK AT THAT" and then a few photos taken.  I think everyone had a slice, even the people who don't really like cake and they commented on how tasty it was.
The cream covering was described as "GORGEOUS"

My sister in law warned me that she might ask me to bake one of those for Brook's birthday in June (I also made her Princess Barbie Cake), which is perfectly fine, because I loved making it!

Rainbow cake - cut 4

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