Sunday, 1 January 2012

This is why they call me loopygirl

  1. I am afraid of spiders that I find in my house, but I can quite happily ignore them outside.
  2. I have never ever wanted to go skiing or snowboarding, and would much prefer to build snowmen.
  3. I loved making dens when I was young.  One of my earliest memories of my first den was my matress wedged against the airing cupboard in my bedroom.
  4. When I was about 8, I slipped in the bath and sat on a tap and had to go to hospital to have stiches up my bottom.
  5. I have an obsessive compulsive disorder; I must have the wardrobe and cupboard doors closed properly before I can go to sleep (unless I'm drunk & then I don't realise).
  6. I sometimes wake up in the morning, with the feeling that I've killed someone, and I need to dispose of the body.
  7. The milk must go in the tea after the hot water.
  8. I don't own a microwave and don't feel I'm missing out.
  9. I have always wanted a Mynah bird, and if I had one I would call him Verloc.
  10. I have size 9 feet and tend to put up with size 8 shoes.
  11. I used to have a teenage crush on Terence Trent D'arby.
  12. I love surprises & hate it when people spoil them.
  13. I don't like losing.
  14. I like having bonfires at my allotment.
  15. I only started eating bacon in 2003, but I wasn't a vegetarian.
  16. I used to look into the shiny glint in the chain on the bath plug and imagine a world inside it.
  17. I once put my finger in a washing mangle to see what would happen.
  18. I like the smell of play doh, freshly cut grass, coffee and leather.
  19. When I was young I told the old couple who lived next door that if you rubbed the corners of your eyes & closed them, you would see your angel wings.
  20. If I can't explain how something works, then I'm quite happy to accept that it's magic.
  21. I once made cake mixture and ate it (without cooking it).
  22. I always play word-association in my head - and sometimes I say the results out loud, often an inappropriate moments (or in meetings at work).
  23. I love spring: catkins (little lambs tails) and pussy willow (bunnies ears) on the trees & spring flowers.
  24. I shock myself sometimes when I hear my chicken impression played back to me.
  25. I always wanted to do the assault course on the Krypton Factor

Halloween fancy dress
Portrait drawn by my niece Emily

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