Monday, 30 September 2013

October Challenges - my commitment

I've set myself two challenges for October, and they're both exercise challenges. I must be mad.

Challenge #1

By 31st October I want to be able to do a 3minute plank.
I'm starting on 1st October with a 1 minute plank and then increasing the plank by 4 seconds each day, by 31st October I should be at 3minutes.

Challenge #2

Every day in October I plan to do the Tracy Anderson arm workout, there's an 8min video on YouTube - it looks a bit mental and I know it will nack.  I'm going to take a "before" picture of my 'bingo wings' and an after picture, of my 'Madonna arms' :)

Sharing Progress:

I'm planning to blog weekly and tweet daily #OctoberChallenge
And I'm using the free version of to remind & support me

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