Thursday, 17 August 2006


Croggy was the word used when you gave someone a ride on the back of your bike.
Giz a croggy

Sometimes I would sit on the croggy bit of the bike and pedal like this, and cos you were sat on the very rear of the bike, legs stretched to reach the pedals it would look like you were riding one of these Harley's.

The same bike (a hand-me-down) had it's back breaks controlled by a pedal backwards mechanism - great for doing skids.

Skids and croggys on the same bike, covered in spokey dokeys, spoke reflectors (free with Frosties) and plastic square-with-a-hole-in bag ties (that you got on loaves of bread) all over the front break cable.  No need for helmets in those days, what more could you want?

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